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Dennis Wood  •  Wood Farms

Wood Farms Tour

Wood Farms in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offered a tour of its operations in cooperation with the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). The Association works to promote sustainable, local, and organic agriculture that builds strong rural communities, safe and healthy food systems, and preserves Ohio’s natural environment.

Wood Farms, owned and operated by Dennis and Kristen Wood and their children and staff, is a certified organic 500 acre hay and pasture farm in Northeast Indiana that supplies hay to regional dairies and beef to local restaurants. They also raise organic corn, organic wheat, and produce and keep bees. Visitors toured the farm’s rotational pastures, Angus herd, and haying equipment, and learned the techniques and systems the Wood family uses to manage each segment of the operation. They have partnered with other landowners in the area, including the Fort Wayne airport, to increase their base acreage. Food vendor and customer of Wood Farms beef, Bravas Specialty Burgers, was on-site to satisfy the hungry farm guests.

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Wood Farms Angus cattle

Wood Farms Angus Cattle

Wood Farms Angus cattle await fodder.

Exploring the marshmallow farm

Exploring the marshmallow farm

A budding farmer explores bales of organic hay at Wood Farms.